About Journey to Jabel Harim (Half Day Mountain Safari)

About Journey to Jabel Harim (Half Day Mountain Safari)

Journey to Jabel Harim (Half Day Mountain Safari)

Jebel Harim, which translates as the ‘mountain of women’ and at 2000m the highest peak in Musandam. The mountain takes its name from the days when local women would retreat to caves up here in order to avoid being carried off by pirates or rival tribes while their menfolk were away on extended fishing or trading expeditions. The actual summit is home to a radar station monitoring shipping way below in the Straits of Hormuz and is out of bounds, although there are superb all-round views from the road, with breathtaking views back to Khasab and onwards towards Dibba. Many of the rocks up here are also studded with superbly preserved fossils, offering the remarkable sight of ancient submarine creatures – mollusks, fish, clams and numerous trilobites – now incongruously stranded near the summit of one of Arabia’s highest mountains.

Our mountain safari tour Buckle up for a 4x4 adventure to 6,000 feet above sea level. From Khasab city, we’ll drive up into the mountains of the Musandam Peninsula, making pit-stops at viewpoints along the way. The village of Sayah is on the cards, too. This picturesque hamlet tumbles down the hillside, and is still occupied by desert-dwelling Bedouin people. The settlement is famous for its ancient petro graphs – 3,000-year-old paintings splattered on the rock face. En route you’ll pass a remarkable fossil wall, formed out of what was originally a chunk of sea bed rock and covered in a dense layer of fossilized impressions among which the outlines of crabs, starfish and shells can clearly be made out. Later on, we drive up near the summit of Jebel Harim, literally “Mountain of Women”. Of course, the photo opportunities from these heights are spectacular, in particular the Khawr Najid this stunning view point overlooks the Indian Ocean.


08.15 Am / 01.15 Pm   :           Meet at our office / Pickup from the hotels in Khasab  

08.30 Am /01.30 Pm  :           Safari Jeeps starts to Jabel Harim Mountain

08.50 Am/ 01.50Pm   :           Stop at Bait Al Qufil / Photo Stop & Briefing

09.00 Am / 02.00 Pm :           Drive to Khor Najid

09.15 Am / 02.15 Pm  :           Arrival at Khor Najid / Photo stop

09.30 Am / 02.30 Pm :           Drive to Sultan House (An old stone house )

09.50 Am / 02.50Pm :           Photo stop at Panoramic View point

10.00 Am / 03.00 Pm :           Drive continues

10.15 Am / 03.15 Pm  :           Arrival / Photo Stop at Sultan House

10.25 Am / 05.25Pm  :           Drive to Saya Village

10.35 Am /03.35 Pm  :           Arrival at Saya Village /Photo Stop

10.45 Am / 03.45 Pm :           Drive to Fozil area

11.00 Am/04.00 Pm    :           Arrival at Fozil Area / Photo Stop/ Refreshments

11.20 Pm / 04.20 Pm  :           Drive back to Khasab

12.00 Pm/ 05.00 Pm   :           Arrival at Khasab



Half day 4WD safari to Jabel Harim (4 Pax per Jeep)

Light refreshments with mineral water and packed juices

Guide services as per requirement


E Visa can be applied on the following link: https://evisa.rop.gov.om
Kindly apply for Online Oman Visa only within 30 days of travel date. The bearer must enter the country within 30 days from the date of issue; otherwise the same gets cancelled automatically. 

  • Package excludes transportation, UAE exit fee (AED 35/ -) at UAE border and Oman visa  cost (OMR 5.00). This is applicable for all guests including children and infants. 
  • Self-drive vehicles must be Oman insured.
  • Passengers coming with a rent a car must carry a NOC certificate from the car renting company to cross the border to Oman Via Al Dhara border.
  • The Mountain Safari will be subject to weather conditions.
  • The booking confirmation is subject to availability and payment receipt.
  • All passengers must carry their original passports with a minimum validity of 6 months
  • The below given nationalities only eligible for on arrival visa from the border. Other nationalities must have a UAE resident visa with Managerial / Supervisor profession with minimum 3month validity for visa and passport

Australia / Andorra/Austria/Bulgaria / Belgium / Brunei / Canada /China/ Croatia / Cyprus / Czech Republic / Denmark/ France / Finland /Greece/ Estonia /Germany /Hong Kong/ Hungary /Iceland / Italy /Ireland / Japan / Liechtenstein Luxembourg/Latvia / Lithuania / Malta/Malaysia/Monaco/ New Zealand / Netherlands / Norway / Paraguay Portugal / Romania /Russia/Poland /San Marino /South Korea / Singapore / Spain / Slovenia /Sweden / Slovakia / Switzerland /USA/Ukraine/UK




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